Eco Max Gardener’s Soap Saver

Eco Max Gardener’s Soap Saver

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The Eco Max Gardener’s Soap Saver combines a beautiful hand-knotted hemp string bag with a natural handmade soap from the Eco Max Fair Trade group in Sri Lanka.  

Hemp is naturally anti-bacterial, strong and beautiful, an ideal natural material for a soap saver bag.  

The extra, large 300g soap is hand-rolled to make its unique shape and combines organic coconut oil and olive oil with essential oil of Cinnamon, for its anti-fungal properties to clean and disinfect any cuts from the garden with the freshness of lemongrass. 

This long-lasting anti-bacterial soap contains No Palm Oil, artificial fragrances, colourings or chemicals. 

Hand on the garden or kitchen tap for quick access to clean hands between jobs. Refillable with household bar soap scraps or Gardener's Soap refills are available.     


About Eco Max: Eco Max is a company of vision and determination to make a change to the world we live in. With a holistic approach to healthy living, Eco Max is made in Fair Trade communities in Sri Lanka to help underprivileged families build a better future for themselves.

Made with natural materials, Eco Max will naturally decompose back into the environment at the end of their life cycle. Eco Max are determined to create environmentally friendly alternatives to harmful plastic products.