Houseplant Bookmarks
Houseplant Bookmarks

Houseplant Bookmarks

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We know all too well how hard it is to choose just one plant, which is why these houseplant bookmarks come in a set of 4: Monstera Delicious, Pilea Peperomioides, Calathea and Sansevieria.

Etched in steel, these lightweight bookmarks are a fun way to mark your book or keep your paperwork together.

A perfect gift for planty people, book lovers and botanists!

Featuring care facts on the back of the packaging. A great gift for posting to friends, especially those who love their plants!


Brand: Another Studio
: Stainless Steel
Contents: 1x set of 4 houseplant bookmarks

Packaging: FSC recycled paper with compostable cellophane wrap
- 15 x 11 cm

Designed in the UK and Made in China