Plant Animals – Snake
Plant Animals – Snake

Plant Animals – Snake

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Plant Animals are a playful way to make your own mini rainforest. This Plant Animal Snake, complete with a tiny forked tongue simply slithers onto a leaf of desire. This bold boa will make a statement on any houseplant.

A great gift for posting to friends, especially those who love their plants!

One of 26 fun creatures for your houseplants. Collect the whole plant gang:

Bush Baby • Chameleon • Flying Squirrel • Fox • Frog • Fruit Bat • Koala • Meerkat • Monkey • Orangutang • Owl • Pangolin • Parrot • Praying Mantis • Raccoon • Sloth • Snake • Squirrel • Lemur • Chimpanzee • Damselfly • Flying Lizard  • Flamingo • Toucan • Tamarin • Anteater


Brand: Another Studio
: Corrosion Resistant Brass
Contents: 1 x Brass Plant Animal approx 6.5L x 3W cm

Packaging: FSC Paper with biodegradable cellophane wrap
- 15 x 5 cm

Plant Animals are designed in the UK and Made in China