Air Purifying Plants

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Your Air Purifying Plant is both decorative and functional, by providing it with adequate water and nutrients it will keep stay happy, healthy and looking lovely.   

Your Plant will grow best when placed in a warm, well-lit position out of direct sunlight.

Your plant will respond well to a light application of liquid fertiliser during the growing months. Water well during warmer weather. Remove spent leaves and flowers to keep your plant neat and tidy. 

Please see specific plant pages below for details of how to best care for your air purifying plant.  

Devil's Ivy / Golden Pothos

Flamingo Lily / Anthurium 'Red Victory' 

Mother-in-law's Tongue / Sansevieria 

Peace Lily / Spathiphyllum 

Philodendron Xanadu

Rubber Plant / Ficus Elastica

Zanzibar Gem